2013_14_Copyright Lene Mirdal

2013_14_Copyright Lene Mirdal

Another way of visualizing time

The All Year Round Calendar gives a circular overview of year, months, weeks, days and hours, showing summertime with longer days and wintertime with shorter days.

This graphic design poster of 70 X 70 cm can be used for decoration and overview as well as being personalized with appointments, events and notes. 

As each year is different, The All Year Round Calendar appears in a new edition every year with a change in colours. 

The All Year Round Calendar 2018 is a warm yellow with purple-brown lines.  

You can see earlier editions on this website - and also buy them if you like, by choosing 'Earlier calendars' in the menu before adding to cart.

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Graphic details - Daylight saving time

The All Year Round Calendar shows summertime/daylight saving time in EU and US

In EU March 25 to October 28 2018
In US March 11 to November 04 2018 (dotted lines)